eCommerce for Rugs. It’s Time To Bring Your Showroom Online.

eCommerce for Rugs
eCommerce for Rugs

RugSimple eCommerce Jumpstart is the fastest and easiest way to get a complex industry into the digital age

Increase your reach and sales. Decrease the effort to manage and sell.

As buying habits change and Showrooms seek to expand their reach and distribution, eCommerce and digital channels are becoming key to the next generation of the rug industry.

Until now deploying and maintaining a commerce driven digital presence was difficult and costly.

RugSimple has simplified the process with a dedicated inventory, offer, rental and online commerce platform you can turn on immediately.

Three Key Platforms to Drive Revenue

  • Instant Rug eCommerce Shop:
    Drive sales online and in-store
  • Rug Rental Booking Shop:
    Maximize your inventory by renting owned rugs
  • Basic RugSimple Showroom Platform:
    Manage inventory + orders with ease

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